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Socket Fusion Hdpe Fitting

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Hangzhou Changpu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Changpu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, which is a professional factory major in the production of polyethylene (PE) Butt fusion fittings, Socket fusion fittings, Electrofusion fittings, PE stop valves, PE /Steel transition fittings, repair clamp ETC . Company located in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou city, Close to Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu port. Wholesale Socket Fusion Hdpe Fitting Suppliers and Company in China. Benefit from premium quality, company achieved rapid development. Our distribution network through out China and many long-term cooperation relationship partners in overseas market such as Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America and so on.

The company processes complete detection methods by veteran QC team to ensure the quality from raw material to finished product. Our products pass the test from National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center,all performance indicators are in compliance with the GB 15558.2 / EN1555 standards. Also they certified by ECM and obtain CE certification.

We welcome domestic and foreign customers visit our company for guidance, exchanges and cooperation.

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Industry knowledge

What applications are Socket Fusion Hdpe Fitting commonly used for?
Socket Fusion HDPE fittings are commonly used in various applications where small-diameter HDPE pipes are required. Socket Fusion is a reliable and straightforward method for joining HDPE pipes and fittings, particularly in applications that involve low-pressure fluid transport or where the use of large diameter pipes is not necessary. Here are some common applications for Socket Fusion HDPE fittings:
Plumbing and Residential Water Supply: Socket Fusion fittings are used in residential and commercial plumbing systems, connecting pipes for water distribution, including hot and cold water lines.
Irrigation Systems: Socket Fusion fittings are utilized in agricultural irrigation systems for transporting water to crops efficiently.
Landscaping and Turf Irrigation: For landscaping projects, Socket Fusion fittings are employed to connect small-diameter HDPE pipes for turf irrigation and watering systems in gardens and sports fields.
Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems: Socket Fusion HDPE fittings are suitable for geothermal heating and cooling systems, where smaller pipes are commonly used for heat exchange.
Aquaculture and Fish Farming: In aquaculture and fish farming, Socket Fusion fittings are used to connect pipes for water supply and drainage systems.
Small-Scale Industrial Applications: In certain small-scale industrial processes, Socket Fusion HDPE fittings are used for fluid transport, drainage, and other low-pressure applications.
Residential Gas Distribution: Socket Fusion fittings can be used in residential gas distribution systems, especially in areas where HDPE gas pipes are permitted.
Micro-Irrigation Systems: Socket Fusion fittings find applications in micro-irrigation systems for precision watering of crops and plants.
Water Treatment Systems: Socket Fusion fittings are used in water treatment systems and water purification projects where smaller pipes are sufficient.
Water Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Systems: In water filtration and reverse osmosis systems, Socket Fusion HDPE fittings are employed for connecting smaller pipes and components.
It's important to note that Socket Fusion is typically recommended for pipe diameters ranging from 16mm (1/2 inch) to 110mm (4 inches) or slightly larger, depending on the manufacturer's specifications and local regulations. For larger diameter pipes, Butt Fusion or Electrofusion methods are more commonly used due to their ability to handle higher pressures and larger pipes.
Socket Fusion HDPE fittings provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for small-diameter pipe systems and are particularly suitable for applications where ease of installation and a leak-free joint are essential.

What are the standard sizes and types of Socket Fusion Hdpe Fitting available?
Socket Fusion HDPE fittings are available in a wide range of standard sizes and types to accommodate various applications and piping needs. The sizes and types may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and the region. Here are some common standard sizes and types of Socket Fusion HDPE fittings:
Elbows: Socket Fusion HDPE elbows are available in 45-degree and 90-degree angles. They allow for changes in direction in the pipeline while maintaining a smooth flow path.
Tees: Socket Fusion HDPE tees come in equal and reducing configurations. They are used to create branch connections or to combine multiple pipes into a single line.
Couplings: Socket Fusion couplings are used to connect two straight lengths of HDPE pipe together in a straight line.
Reducers: Socket Fusion HDPE reducers are used to transition between pipes of different diameters, allowing for flow rate adjustment.
End Caps: Socket Fusion end caps are used to close off the end of a pipeline, providing a secure and leak-free termination point.
Male and Female Adapters: Socket Fusion HDPE male and female adapters are used to convert pipe connections to threaded or other types of fittings.
Transitions and Flange Adapters: Socket Fusion transitions and flange adapters are used to connect HDPE pipes to other materials or systems, such as metal flanges or PVC pipes.
Ball Valves: Socket Fusion HDPE ball valves allow for manual flow control and isolation of the pipeline.
Saddles and Tapping Tees: Socket Fusion saddles and tapping tees are used to create branch connections on existing pipelines without interrupting flow.
The sizes of Socket Fusion HDPE fittings typically range from 16mm (1/2 inch) to 110mm (4 inches) or slightly larger. For larger diameter pipes, Butt Fusion or Electrofusion fittings are more commonly used.