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Hangzhou Changpu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, which is a professional factory major in the production of polyethylene (PE) Butt fusion fittings, Socket fusion fittings, Electrofusion fittings, PE stop valves, PE /Steel transition fittings, repair clamp ETC. Flange back ring manufacturers and factory in China. Our products pass the test from National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center,all performance indicators are in compliance with the GB 15558.2 / EN1555 standards. Also they certified by ECM and obtain CE certification. We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets. Our oem custom Flange back ring are in line with international standards, and are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.We welcome domestic and foreign customers visit our company for guidance, exchanges and cooperation.

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Product Knowledge

A flange back ring is a component used in the assembly of flange connections in piping systems. Flange connections are common in industries where pipes need to be connected or disconnected for maintenance, repairs, or modifications. The back ring, also known as a backing ring or reinforcement ring, is an essential part of this connection, providing structural support and reinforcement.
Here are key points to understand about flange back rings:
Function: The primary function of a flange back ring is to reinforce the connection between two flanges. It adds structural integrity to the joint, helping to distribute the load and stress evenly across the flange faces.
Material: Back rings are typically made from materials that are compatible with the piping system and the flange material. Common materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, and various alloys.
Design: Back rings are usually flat rings with holes that align with the bolt holes in the flanges. They are placed behind the gasket and the flange to provide additional support and rigidity to the connection.
Installation: During the assembly of a flange connection, the back ring is positioned between the gasket and the flange. It lines up with the bolt holes, allowing bolts to pass through and secure the connection.
Gasket Sealing: The back ring does not typically come in contact with the process fluid. Instead, it is positioned behind the gasket, which provides the sealing function.
Types: There are various types of flange back rings, including slip-on, weld-neck, and lap-joint back rings, each designed for specific flange types and connection methods.
Use Cases: Flange back rings are used in industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas, water treatment, and more, where secure and leak-free connections are crucial.
Compatibility: When selecting a flange back ring, ensure that it is compatible with the flange size, material, and the requirements of your piping system.
Standards and Codes: Back rings often need to comply with industry standards and codes, ensuring they meet safety and performance requirements.
Consultation: If you're unsure about the specific requirements or benefits of a flange back ring for your application, consider consulting with professionals or experts who are knowledgeable about piping systems and connection components.
Flange back rings play an important role in maintaining the integrity of flange connections in various industrial settings. Proper selection and installation of these components are essential to ensuring leak-free and reliable connections in your piping system.